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(There will be a limit of 24 contestants for this competition).

Each newscast competition participant must submit a Piece to Camera (PTC) in a video format, along with its script. The competition consists of only one level. The best three contestants will be announced as the winners. The topic of the EMCD Newscast competition in the year 2022 is “Sci-fi in Human Evolution”. Feel free to write either fictional or factual news.


1. Submit your PTC and script through with these details:

    ● Email to :

    ● Message box : EMCD 2022 - NEWSCASTING - Participant's Name

    ● Filename : Name of Competition_Participant's Name_School's Name

2. The PTC video should be in an MP4 format and the PTC script in a PDF file.

3. Write your name on the top right corner of the PTC script.

4. The PTC script should be written in Times New Roman, 12, with 1.5 spacing, and justified.


1. We will only receive 24 contestants in this 2022 Newscast Competition. Each school is welcome to have (maximum) three representatives.

2. Each contestant should prepare their own PTC and PTC script.

3. The news content should be related to the topic given.

4. The submission deadline is 29th January 2022 at 23.59. Late submission within 24 hours will be subject to 5 points deduction. The EMCD newscast competition committee has the right to disqualify submissions over 24 hours.

5. The video should be able to stand on its own, and adequately present the topic given. They should be between 3-5 minutes, excluding embellishment opening. (Feel free to use any decorative motion graphic opening, but that won’t be counted as performing time, and it won’t be graded.) Participants will be subject to 1 point deduction for every 15 seconds less or 15 seconds more than the required time.

6. Contestants must dress in a shirt or collared shirt (not a T-shirt).

7. There are the following criteria for the video:

    ● Filmed on the horizontal, in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio (see attachment for further info).

    ● Participants should face the camera lens when doing PTC.

    ● Filmed from one camera angle.

    ● The on-camera piece should be taken in medium shot, or medium close up (see attachment for further info).

    ● Be sure to have a clear video quality.

    ● Please be mindful of your audio level. Participants’ voices should be louder than any background music and/or sound effect.

    ● The quality of the video must be at least 480p.

8. The PTC must be recorded in one take.

9. Feel free to be creative with animated background, graphics, and/or on-camera property.


11. Contestants are not allowed to be seen reading prompter or PTC scripts while delivering their news.

12. The judges are in complete control of the competition. Their decisions are absolute.

13. Grading criteria:

    a. Pronunciation : 10

    b. Confidence and fluency : 10

    c. Timing and content : 10

    d. Style : 10

14. The Explanation of the Scoring Criteria:

15. Pronunciation (10 points)

    Piece to Cameras should have the right pronunciation, articulation, and intonation.

16. Confidence and fluency (10 points)

    Contestants should perform the news reading fluently with proper talking speed (between 150-175 words per minute), supporting gestures, clear voice, and well eye-contact, and in and one-take video.

17. Content and timing (10 points)

    Be creative in performing the PTC. Make sure you are coherently using correct grammar, and make sure you are punctual with the time given (3-5 minutes).

18. Style (10 points)

    Participants should wear appropriate attire and expressions related to the content of the news.


For further details, please look at the aspect ratio guide.

Aspect Ratio Guide

The Example of Shot Position

Download Newscasting Rules (Click Here)