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The Entry

1. All entries must be received by midnight on January 24th, 2022.

2. The document must be submitted by January 29th, 2022.

3. Submission of works must not exceed the specified competition time limit. If there is a delay in submission, the participant’s grade will be reduced by 5 points. If the submission is more than 24 hours, the participant will be DISQUALIFIED.

4. Maximum total entries are 30 contestants.

5. Each school can only send a maximum of 3 contestants/entries, one story each.

6. Submission rules:

    ● All documents must be submitted through

    ● Email to :

    ● Message box : EMCD 2022 - Name of Competition - Participant's Name

    ● Filename : Name of Competition_School’s Name_Participant’s Name

7. The file must be submitted in PDF format.

The Story

1. The theme of the story is Love and Sacrifice.

2. Stories must be no more than 2000 words, and no less than 1200 words. If it is more or less than the specified limit, it will be reduced by 5 points.

3. Stories must be written in English.

4. Stories must be typed, double-spaced, on single-sided sheets, and in a readable, Times New Roman 12-point font size, justified.

5. The title of the story must appear at the top of each page.

6. Stories must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, broadcast, or featured amongst the winners in another competition. Breaking this rule will be penalized in the form of disqualification.

7. Contestants are allowed to include photos in the story (maximum of 2 photos).

8. Participants will get an additional 5 points if participants include a photo. If the photo is taken from the internet, participants are required to include the link.

9. Stories must not contain elements of RELIGIOUS, RACIAL, AND SEXUAL PREJUDICES.

10. Any plagiarized work will be disqualified along with any other work submitted by the entrant.

11. The story must contain a moral value.

12. Stories cannot be altered once entered.

13. All entries will be judged by judges (3 judges).

Grading Criteria

1. Originality (10 Points): The piece shows a freshness of imagination, creativity, and individuality.

2. Plot Structure (10 Points): Enough information is provided to understand the story. Conflict emerges early and builds toward resolution. The sequence of events, dialog, and emotional movements are well crafted. Situations needing resolution are closed. Subtle undercurrents (if any) emerge during resolution.

3. Diction (10 Points): Using foul words is not allowed.

4. Character Development and Dialog (10 Points): The reader can relate to the characters; they are able to hold the reader’s attention. Actions and interactions are consistent and well-motivated. The dialog shows the characters to the readers for who they really are.

5. Quality of Writing (10 Points): Organization is logical and effective. Voice is individual and appropriate. Sentence fluency is smooth and expressive. Adding moral values is advisable for the quality of the works.

Download Short Story Writing Rules (Click Here)