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(There will be a limit of 27 contestants for this competition)

The competition consists of only one round. The best 3 contestants will be pronounced as the winner. Each school is permitted to send up to three representatives.


The contestants must deliver a speech in the form of a Persuasive Speech. Contestants must:

    1. Do their persuasive speech.

    2. Choose one of the topics provided below:

        ● Government should campaign about vaccination of Covid-19 to people who live in Indonesia.

        ● Schools should provide sex education for teenagers.

        ● High school students should make a campaign about women empowerment.

    3. Develop the topic and make it creative and persuasive.


1. Video performance and speech script must be submitted through wetransfer.com:

    ● Email to: emcd.fbs@gmail.com

    ● Message box: EMCD 2022 - SPEECH COMPETITION - Participant's Name

    ● Filename: SPEECH COMPETITION - Participant’s Name - School’s name.

2. The participant’s name and the chosen topic must be written on the top right corner of the script.

3. The script must be written in Times New Roman, 12pt, with 1.5 spacing, and justified. The script must be sent in PDF form.

4. All submissions must be done by the 29 th of January 2022 at 23.59 at the latest. Late submission will receive 5 points deduction from the total score.


1. The speech will be in the form of a Persuasive Speech.

2. The contestants have to wear appropriate clothes.

3. Videos must meet the following criteria:

    ● Filmed horizontally.

    ● Filmed in a proper place, no passerby, minimum background noise, and adequate lighting.

    ● Filmed from a static position.

    ● Filmed from one camera angle.

    ● The video must be taken in a cowboy shot position.

    ● Facial expression and voice must be clear.

    ● The quality of the video must be at least 480p.

4. The speech must be recorded in a single take.

5. Additional props (e.g. costumes, musical instruments, banner and animated backgrounds) are permitted within the recording as long as no distractions are created. You may only put the persuasive words in the banner.

6. Back sound is not permitted.

7. The contestants are allowed to make a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file with a maximum of 6 slides. The PowerPoint file has to be submitted with the format: SPEECH COMPETITION - Participant’s Name. Along with the script via email: emcd.fbs@gmail.com

8. The speech must not contain RELIGIOUS, RACIAL, AND SEXUAL PREJUDICES.

9. The contestants are not allowed to read their script while delivering their speech.

10. The speech should last about 5-7 minutes. If a performance lasts less than 4 minutes 30 seconds or over 7 minutes 30 seconds, the contestant’s points on TIMING will be deducted.

11. The judges are in complete control of the competition. Their decisions are irrevocable.

12. The winners will be announced on the 19 th of February 2022.

13. Scoring criteria:

    Linguistic Competences

        ● Grammatical accuracy : 5

        ● Vocabulary : 5

        ● Pronunciation : 5

        ● Fluency : 5

        ● Voice quality : 5

    Textual Competences

        ● Quality of ideas : 5

        ● Organization (coherence & Cohesion) : 5

        ● Style & Register : 5

        ● Politeness : 5

        ● Tone of Voice : 5

    Pragmatic Competence

        ● Academic Conventions : 5

Total Score : 55

The Explanation of Scoring Criteria

1. Grammatical Accuracy

    The contestant has to deliver a speech with the correct grammar.

2. Vocabulary

    The contestant has to deliver a speech in a good command of broad vocabulary and idiomatic expression.

3. Pronunciation

    The contestant has to acquire a clear, natural pronunciation, and intonation.

4. Fluency

    The contestant has to express their ideas fluently and spontaneously, almost effortlessly.

5. Voice quality

    The contestant’s voice can be heard by the listener, not too loud nor too quiet.

6. Quality of ideas

    All of the ideas are relevant to the aims or topic of the speech.

7. Organization (coherence & cohesion)

    The contestant can produce a clear, smoothly flowing, well-structured speech and show controlled use of organization patterns.

8. Style & Register

    The contestant can control shifts of formal and informal register.

9. Politeness

    The contestant can mediate effectively and take account of sociocultural differences.

10. Tone of Voice

    Wide range of idiomatic expressions and appropriate emotional expressions.

11. Academic Conventions

    The contestant has to deliver a speech with appropriate and accurate use of reference to sources.

The example of Cowboy Shot Position

Download Speech Rules (Click Here)