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(There will be a limit of 24 participants for this competition)

Participants of this competition are high school students or equivalent from all over Indonesia. The competition consists of one level only. Each school can send a maximum of three representatives. At the end of the competition, there will be three winners announced. The genre of this competition is folklore. Also, the theme is an urban legend.


1. Participants should add their own stories as part of an existing urban legend’s story that they choose as creatively as possible. Here, the participants can:
    ➔ create a new story based on an urban legend’s characters/ creatures, or
    ➔ make a different ending or add a plot twist to an existing urban legend.

2. Participants are not limited to using only one point of view. (narrator, first person or third person).


4. Each performance should last 5 - 8 minutes. If the performance lasts less than 5 minutes or over 8 minutes, the score will be deducted. The duration includes the participant’s brief introduction.

5. Participants can introduce their names and their stories’ titles but are prohibited from mentioning their school’s names.

6. Participants have to present the story without reading the script.

7. Participants are allowed to use properties and wear costumes that follow their story.

8. Participants can explore their own surroundings, but make sure the voice is audible.

9. Participants are permitted to sing, hum, clap, or make noise using their mouth or other body parts.

10. Editing the video performance in any way is NOT allowed.

11. The storytelling submission has to be a landscape video (at least 480p) that is filmed from the front position only and shows at least the upper half body of the participants.

12. The video performance and script must be submitted through
    ● Email to:
    ● Message box: EMCD 2022 - STORYTELLING COMPETITION - Participant's Name
    ● Filename: Storytelling_Participant’s name_School’s name
        ➔ Video: EMCD 2022_Video Storytelling _Participant’s name
        ➔ Script: EMCD 2022_Script Storytelling_Participant’s name

13. The participant’s name must be written on the top right corner of the script.

14. The script must be written in Times New Roman, 12, with 1.5 spacing, and justified. Additionally, the script must be submitted in the form of a PDF.

15. All submissions must be done by the latest January 29 th , 2022 at 23.59 WIT (Western Indonesian Time). Late submission within 24 hours will receive 5 points deduction of the total score. Submission a day after the due date (24 hours) will be disqualified.

16. Grading criteria
    a. Content (plot and creativity): 12 points
    b. Grammar: 6 points
    c. Voice: 6 points
    d. Fluency: 6 points
    e. Expression & stage performance: 6 points
    f. Property: 2 points
    g. Timing: 2 points

Total score: 40 points

For more information about the definition of an urban legend, please refer to these links:
    ➔ [Link 1]
    ➔ [Link 2]
    ➔ [Link 3]

Download Storytelling Rules (Click Here)