English Language Education

English Language Education offers a four year undergraduate program in English language education that aims to create future English teachers who are able to teach in formal and non-formal educational institutions, develop academic knowledge in English language education through research and publication, as well as hold Christian values and professionalism in high esteem in their occupations.


To become an excellent English Language Education Program in Indonesia in the year of 2020.


  1. Implementing teaching-learning processes that optimize the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) through service committed to lifelong learning.
  2. Constructing and disseminating quality and valuable knowledge through research that produces innovations in the field of English language education.
  3. Designing and carrying out research-based community service programs to increase teachers’professionalism in the field of English language education.
  4. Fostering and expanding cooperation with local and foreign institutions in the field of English language education.

Graduate Profiles

Graduates of the English Language Education Program holds an Educational Bachelor’s degree and are capable of working as TESOL practitioners who play the roles of:

  1. English language teachers.
  2. Models of English language users.
  3. Designers of materials, media, and English language learning methods.
  4. English language policy makers at an institutional level.
  5. Novice researchers in the field of English language education.

Some other roles that graduates of the English Language Education Program can play include:

  1. Organizing and taking part in social and cultural events.
  2. Being present and contributing in language training programs.
  3. Participating in promotional activities for language schools.
  4. Teaching private courses.

Download Sertifikat Akreditasi: HERE